This blog is the work of myself, Carl Davies, Director of ‘Improvement Directors’ (www.improvementdirectors.com).  I am part of a team of specialists in change management, leadership and organisational culture & behaviour change.

I began my academic life in health, exercise & nutrition focusing on psychology & behaviour change.  Fascinated by the role psychology, behaviour and personality had on pain, fatigue and exercise, I graduated with a first class honours degree in Physiotherapy before progressing quickly through to specialise in complex pain and stress related disorders.

Having a solid understanding of the complexity of human behaviour, I saw that the systems that directed patients within the NHS were compounding the plight of many of the patients I treated.  The same principles that apply to individual behaviour can be applied (though there is far more complexity in systems) to the organisational culture and change across systems, and I subsequently moved into change management.

I have since gone on to manage multi-million pound programmes of change across the NHS, delivering significant savings whilst simultaneously improving quality.  Using various behavioural, psychological, quality improvement, and programme management methodologies, I now focus my energies delivering change across systems that enable organisations to improve the value offered to both the patient and the tax payer.  I believe that great things can be achieved when we understand how culture, behaviour and personality influences quality, and I now help organisations develop high-quality leadership models that transform services.

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